Kenneth Nixon

Dear Universe, by KENNETH NIXON

hello,blog nation! I know it’s been a minute since my last post.A real long minute to.To be honest,at one point in time.I felt that blogging was a waste of time until I came to the realization that it’s therapeutical food for the soul knowing that somewhere in this universe someone could be reading ur thoughts a/d may want to respond with a word of encouragement,showing u that u maybe gone but not forgotten.within the knowledge I have about this sight,it’s not a dating sight!even though i wish it was for honest,hard working, compassionate,affectionate incarcerated black men as myself.u could learn alot from someone with the knowledgeable understanding of how it feels to be alone a/d still stand strong on the word of God.Well,now i must state that some people just have holes they can’t fill.That maybe hard for u to understand blog nation b/c u’re not that way! only through the help of God that I’m still alive! After the tragic death of my mother,a/d two nephew’s.I’m starting to realize God’s will for my life in this world is to help someone out their with a hurting,bleeding heart.with just a word of encouragement to make them smile.kenneth nixon as a boy in one point in my life could’nt come to the comprehensive principal that one person’s love is better than a thousand people approval.So I want to say,rest in peace LorainNixon,Brandon,Nixon a/d Justin Nixon ur memories live on through me.So as this universal pain runs deep within the depth of my soul as long as the sea.i’ve been trying to pick up the peaces of my life a/d fit the puzzle back together.could anyone tell me where to start?b/c I have no family only my four sisters who seems to have their on family problems to deal with a/d four brothers which the oldest,NFL football star got hurt in a car crash which kill our family deams of making it from beyond a bad situation of depending on the rich parts of the Nixon generation to help us through a/d the other 3 are incarcerated behind living a hurting life on life is not locked up physically,but he is mentally,a/d spiritually.but their lives are moving a million miles per-second so their time is limited.I have no friends b/c I trust nobody b/c alot of human beings are faking a lifestyle that they nevertheless lived.but I know only one who is truly trustworthy a/d that’s Jesus Christ.God said if u place ur faith in man he will fail u every time.So I stay away from conversations with people who aren’t going anywhere in life.b/c ur words are it’s just best that I stay away from fakeness b/c I’m allergic to bull like in the worst ways! why is it’s crazy for us human beings to believe in a lie before the truth? so that’s probably why I’m left alone without a significant other to call my own b/c u could tell me whatever u want out of ur mouth!But u can’t just make me believe whatever u want to speak from it ,like a fool!The only child I believe in my heart that I have.shout out to dedrain! Tae,Taes mother who shows little but nun of any concern for the child to know who her biological father is.shame on her! b/c they have no good men out here that want nothing to do with there children.but when u have a man who’s been trying to be in a child’s life since she was born who looks like the female virgin of him a/d u denied him any rights for her to even know him without given him a DNA test,ur dead wrong!I’ll ask u blog nation! who’s at fault? she’ll have to example that in the long run.Her mother is just so fixed on her on well being to the point that she neglect’s the child’s need to form a bond with the one who helped creat her.I promise u blog nation,these baby momma’s these day’s are not worth the flash that there printed on! a/d i quote! i mean no disrespect to my beautiful Queens all over the nations.i’m just speaking in the fact of one existence. So as of right now living in the physical body of Mr.Nixon as a spiritual infinite entity my plan is to make this blog worth someone’s time in reading it.So i titled this,dear universe have u ever been in love alone?well,I have! that’s how I feel everyday of my life without my Queen,are better rid,the she parts of femininity that make up the rest of man which that’s forged from the flash of my flash bone of my bone.The one who was makes up my physiological being from my flash to make this beautification of the half Yahweh made for me.A writer named Richard Paul Evens wrote these words a/d I quoted. Humans don’t do well alone .But it’s not really solitude that’s the problem it’s loneliness.The difference between solitude a/d loneliness is that one exists in the physical realm,a/d the other exists in the heart.A person can be in solitude but not lonely,a/d vice versa,So he is the one I grabbed the dear universe from b/c sometimes the most profound experiences of our lives start with an act so simple a/d careless that we hardly think about it like tossing a small stone that causes a massive as I end my blog at this point in reaching out to blog nation. I pray someone in this worldwide universal solitude within this human being body is reading this a/d what’s to know more about who’s behind the it’s Monday,February 24,2020 it’s time for new life with new people.within finding new reasons.So I leave u with these last words.if u want to find out how real a person is,are how much u mean to them.ask them who thay Love the most? if the first words that comes out there mouth is Jesus Christ then u got urself something true a/d special hold on for dear life.b/c thay understand He gave his life for us a/d the father didn’t have to do it.a/d now he sits in heaven within knowing that his holy spirit is here with us teaching us all things.if they say u their lieing leave.a/d ur losing out ladys b/c how could u love someone that could just up a/d leave at the drop of a hat.when God loved us so much that he gave his only son.could u give ur child up for the human rase? blog nation bye.

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