Cody Besch

by Cody Besch

Today I saw another incident on the news pertaining police officers, abusive treatment and another pertaining corruption. This particular incident I’d like to highlight involved an autistic teenager. I’d rather not speak on it because it’s not my focus. This incident sparked a thought in my mind as to how immature or abusive or misunderstanding, alot of police officers, sheriff deputies, and other law enforcement employees are. These departments are hiring people at a young age to work for them, and for us. Has this ever come to the attention of anyone other than myself? These people that are being hired are teenagers themselves or are still immature in mentality or have issues themselves in some form because they haven’t been through enough in life, or have been through rough issues themselves in life, to make well educated decisions for the better good. My opinion is that there should be a law passed for an age requirement for at least 25 years of age to where these individuals have to have had the experience of dealing with people for long enough to understand real life and real problems in order to at least treat individuals like real people. If I have sparked the interests in anyone with these comments please share this on your social media or post comments to bring awareness as to how critical our issues with law enforcement and the judicial issues are. Is our government and justice system failing to truly do what it was intended to? And how corrupt is it? Are we destined for a better society or is it crumbling beneath is? Just some questions to think on.

Cody Besch
DOC #1771920

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