FREE TOMMIE, by Tommie Forster

FREE TOMMIE, by Tommie Forster

“Free Tommie” is a advocacy group geared towards exposing the injustices of Tommie Forster. Everyone has a story, “Free Tommie” is a group of supporters demanding the relief of the excessive (50) fifty year sentence imposed upon Tommie. It is illegal for courts to impose hefty sentences without following the mandates of law. During the sentencing phase, courts do a report called Presentence report which consist of sentencing guidelines. Sentencing Guidelines is a range of recommended for the charge. In Tommies case, the charge is First Degree Murder. According to the Rules of the Supreme Court, Courts must impose sentences within the recommended sentencing guidelines. In cases where sentences exceed these guidelines, the judge must submit a written statement explaining why the guidelines were disregarded. This rule was broken in Tommies case.
The state of Viriginia is known for exceeding recommended sentences without providing the required written statement. We are bringing light to Tommies situation.

Tommie Forster #1403251
Nottoway Correctional Center
P. O. Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922

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