Psalm 91, by Sean Brown

In this time of uncertainty & global panic, how do We cope & not lose Our Selves to the hysteria as well?? It’s easy to stress, worry, complain, & feel lost. It’s times like this though when having a strong Spiritual Foundation comes into play. Knowing that nothing happens without purpose or reason gives Our Faith an anchor amidst the turbulent storms. It’s impossible for anything to occur outside of GOD’s Will!! So, even when We don’t understand “why”, We have to find a way to Trust HIS Plan. That may be the most difficult thing that any of Us can do, yet it’s the most important practice for Our growth.
Be Smart, stay Safe, limit your travels to only what’s necessary, & don’t panic. Trust HIM to be HIM, & just do your part in taking care of you!!

DOC #1083630

Categories: COVID-19, religion, Sean Brown

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