Keith Mustin

Parole Board and how they abuse their power, by Keith Mustin

look, one thing that i had seen when it comes to the parole board is how inmates who had gotten their g.e.d./ high schooldiploma, college degree, meaningful programs, and achieve thier case assessments provided to the by the case manager and still get flopped (denied of their parole)? it doesn’t make sense and i seen guys that got incarecerated at 16 and is still in prison at 50 years old. would it be right to let guys who are 70 years old and who is CLOSE TO DEATH to be released on parole?
now i am not saying that everyone should be released but i know that there are some inmates that’s been involved in mentoring programs, religious programs, and other programs helping younger inmates get themselves together and prepared for back on the outside world of prison. inmates that works for the officers and administration providing and clean and safe environment for inmates to be housed in while they are serving time.
all that i am saying is when will the pariole board look pass the nature of crime of inmates cases and look at what they had accomplished in life. this is not a business for the parole board to play with inmates livesjust to get a buck in WALL STREET STOCKS. inmates are human beings as well who will want to get back home to their families after they had fully accomplished their puropse in life. look pass the inmates case and see them as human beings that MAKES MISTAKES JUST LIKE EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD. nobody is perfect in this world and we all will be judged by God when we die but should the ohio prison system keep derailing inmates during the parole board instead of asking how they had changed while incarcerated? should the parole board look at all the programs and education that they achieved while incarcerated instead of their nature of crime? that’s all that i want the people to read and learn about the unfair treatments that inmates receive while seeing the parole board.

Keith Mustin
DOC #505-112

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