WHAT IS JUSTICE? by Tommie Forster

Justice is a term that we have become very familiar with in our day in time. Because of the recognition of an abundance of injustices, we have come to define what justice really is. In our modern swe call “Judges” are called Justices because of their task of brining justice to those harmed within our society. But justice is rarely found which leaves to question, What is Justice?

We have become so accustom in believing that the only means to justice is through the court of law. In some cases this may be true, but in a lot of cases such as my own, this is rarely a reality. Back in 2008 I was charged with and convicted of killing my ex girlfriend. I was sentenced to (50) fifty years and ordered by to court never to have any contact with the family. Here we are (12) twelve years later, questioning if justice was actually given to the family being the courts ordered me never to make contact with those individuals most close to the victim, to apologize and seek forgiveness. How could the court have been concerned with justice if they never allow the family the opporunity to get true closure?

This leads me to believed that Justice is the process that the heart goes through to heal. Courts cannot aid this process because all they do is bombarded the victims and or their families with fabricated half truths about how they think the incident happened solely for the means of getting a conviction. Not only do the family have to relive the tradegy during the trial proceedings, but they also never get the true full detail. “Justice” allows for this process to happen so that the heart no longer have any questions or doubt allowing it to begin moving forward in the healing process. This process was never allowed in my situation so how can justice be had to myself or the family. I want so bad go go against the court order to reach out to the family to apologize for what I’ve done. True I cannot undo the past, what’s done is history, but I can play a major role in helping them move freely into the future. I seek all support and assistance in this matter, because this is what Justice is all about.

Tommie Forster #1403251
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, Virginia 23922

Facebook: Tommie Forster
or “Free Tommie”

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