Da'Von Motley Sr.

Feeling Some Type Of Way, by Da’Von Motley Sr.

The night before last I watched someone’s life go before my eyes. Seeing something like this happen in a place like this makes me have many emotions and feelings that’s not good. The man that passed away was Mr. Dobbs 180-024. Just comparing our two numbers says a lot. Idk what he did to spend his life in here but he wasn’t the same person who committed whatever crime he committed. Mr. Dobbbs was a nice man and harmless. I would always speak to him and when I had anything extra to give I would run straight to Mr. Dobbs. Its an amazing feeling to give to someone who don’t have anything for themselves. I wish you all could have seen how big and bright his eyes would light up and how big his smile was that stretched ear to ear when I would give him some food I had extra. Then it would be times when I know that I should be helping others and I just would always go to him first and give him whatever and he was just so thankful and grateful and appreciative and it just warmed my heart every time. Just knowing that he didn’t have anybody out there also motivated me to reach out and help when I could because I feel like I don’t have anybody out there as well and maybe that’s why I drew towards him. But now that he is gone I pray that if he has any family or anyone that they find out what really happened and why. It has really put a huge damper on my mood lately and I can’t stop thinking about Mr. Dobbs. It hurts and I never got a chance to sit down and talk to him. I never heard his outside the “OOOHHHHH THANK YOUUU’S and WOOOWW THANK YOU SO MUCH’S.. ..SMH!! It sucks!! We all have to go but to go in here and to go alone and to go and not have anyone there to care if your gone or not have someone that loves you or not have anyone to love is difficult to understand and deal with. I’m dealing with some of these things and I have to admit that my biggest fear is not waking up in here and nobody will know. So I just needed to vent, I haven’t talked to anyone or anything like that but I know I can always come here and say what’s on my mind and hope for the best. I wish I didn’t feel so down and out because inshaAllah he’s going to a better place when its all said and done. It just… idk.. maybe its my own loneliness mixes with what happened that’s really got me #FSTOW!!! Be safe out there and stay beautiful people!!!

Da’Von Motley Sr. (Haleem) #707-119
Allen Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 4501
Lima, OH 45802

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