Have you ever just been through so much day after day year after year in wonder what is the problem why things. are not turning out the way you want them too?. well according to this book called The Secret by:Rhonda Byrne she says what you think about manifest into reality. in I have to say there is some truth to that. 100% we have to think positive in all situation even if its hard you have to remain strong in hold on. cause gods answer prayers and remaining positive minded help fix the tiny problem. like my thing was I was ran over by my ex`s and other so called loved ones I thought that they loved me for who I was as a man. but after I gotten locked away in prison. it seemed things became more and more confusing to me like I would had thought my situation would had gotten us closer because I was facing a life bid in prison. but day after day my loved ones slowly drifted away in left me alone. this is like the worst feeling in the world like we had years and years of knowing each other. but I guess that fades as you are distant away. why must it be that way. ? I also looked at things from a different view point
most ppl just loved the things you can actually do for them in that’s where we get things mixed up. today’s generation love for all the wrong reasons. it only a select few who understand LOVE. so as I said earlier I went away to prison with 62yrs attached to my name so to a lot of ppl I’m never getting out. in I can never do the things I once did before for them. smh all I ever wanted was to be loved for who I am that’s all. so as I got older in the place called prison I put more focus on my self in loved myself in realized that the ones who said the loved me prolly really didn’t love there self yet. because they was driven by things that does not out weigh love. so after 9yrs of not feeling loved by no one. by the grace of god this woman pops out of no where in correspond to me about what she has heard about me. I was pleased to see this, her words to me was so uplifting. she gave off good energy letter after to letter I knew this was gods work bringing this magnificent woman into my life. oh by the way as I was focusing on myself I had began reading the Bible as well in 2018 in following his works in praying daily. but this woman is like so amazing she understand everything. she listens with her heart when I speak or when anyone. she just have this personality that keeps you coming back for more and more. this special woman uses her time so wisley it took so long for me to understand how she dedicate her time. she is a super mom tht does everything to make sure her baby is comfy. then all in this mist of playing a mom she is thinking of things to due to make me happier. it may be something as simple as a hilarious joke she writes to me that makes me feel good. or wen I receive a letter she puts riddles together such GUESS WHAT? then it leave me no choice but to wonder what she is telling me to guess about so I call in soon as the phone connect she ask again guess what in I respond what she say I was thinking about you all night. it just made me feel good to be thought about. so after about 90 days of talking and writing we became closer and closer based off the first letter she wrote to me she is heaven sent I can not ask for nothing better this is my best friend my lover my everything I can tell her what ever in does not judge she gives off good feed back ever time well as I listen with my heart in respond when she needs a word of advice. but I say all this to say there is someone for everyone but you have to trust in focus on god in his teachings and remain positive minded.sometimes things don’t happen over night. it takes patients……… but I have to say this woman is the best in the world I love her mind,body, and soul she has such an engaging smile eyes and personality. she can move the crowd with her soft voice and beautiful eye’s. just thinking of it is giving me the chills. well in due time I will add more . any questions respond on I’m in Youngstown Ohio.

Melvin Shaw Jr.
DOC #624671

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