Davin Wallace

The Doors Is Open (The New Beginning), by Davin Wallace

First of all, great morning to all & literally God bless u this day! For a second, before i share my usual devotion i would like to reflect on a statement made sometime ago. Somebody was genuinely concerned about me always blogging about God & not my current penitentiary activity & life. i understand the person’s good intentions pertaining to wanting to see me show others how i’m living now even in an environment like this especially to others who may be traveling that road to prison & to the governor & his office & parole board who at the time played major parts in filing & reviewing the pardon petition that was filed on my behalf. Thinking about that comment now, i am appreciative of that person’s love & concern for me, but i’m more appreciative of Holy Spirit reminding me i don’t have to make it about me because God has already done that when He showed me He loved me, forgave me & blessed me by giving me His only begotten son who opened the flood gates of heaven on Calvary for me & who ever is willing & faithfully ready to receive. So actually can focus on making it about Him. My blogging about the goodness & greatness im experiencing w/God rather than the tough times around me & the storms i face is not to never neglect my testimonies which i will share. But for now Holy Spirit is leading me to do & say what i’ve been called to do & say w/joy & faith.

Read 2 Chron. 6:2
Did u know that Jesus has unlocked the prison doors of guilt that have kept us captive? It doesn’t matter who we are or was. i dont care if u was ir is a prostitute, drug addict or dealer, thief, murderer, rapist, racist, Christian who doing all kinds of sin behind closed doors etc.. The Bible says that today is the day of salvation. A new life, a new u is only a prayer away. The Bible says “not even a sparrow falls w/out God’s knowledge”. If God knows & cares when the sparrows fall, He must know what terrible shape our lives are in at that moment. And He cares enough to do something about it. When we invite God to take over our lives, something supernatural happens on the inside of us. We are born again.
Some might ask, “Well what about my past?” And even still feel guilty about it.
When we are born again & made a new creature in Christ, that past doesn’t belong to us anymore. So it is ridiculous for us to walk around felling guilty about about someone else’s past. Just as a precious new born baby doesn’t have a past at all, born again believers don’t have a past. Our lives begin the day we make Jesus the Lord of our lives. Then, when Satan comes around trying to remind us of what sinners & disgrace we was , we can now tell him he’s gotten us confused & he’s knocking at the wrong door. We’ve be rolling around in someone else’s(the old man/woman) mess & kicked around long enough. There’s no need to wait around any longer. The prison doors is open. Walk thru to Jesus & let your life begin today. Read Matt.10:29-33.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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