mass incarceration

by Nathaniel McCoy

In reference to mass incarceration and prison reform Angela Davis speaks it no better as she breaks down the effects of recidivism dealing with the incarceration state.In her book series (Are Prisons Obsolete) she gets into details past events of prison reform in ways that are contrary to what is actually thought of.When mentioned one would think that the legislation of the judicial system in Louisiana would seek a more moderate way to reform the sytem that caused major affects in the United States? She state that one would have to start in society in which I agree! What other way than in society to put citizens in a better situation to produce economically..One could elevate in various ways that are prosperous to generations for a time to come….Education plays a major part in the prison reform ethic because if one does not have education then that individual has to result to what he or she thinks is second bat result standards of living…..What a coincidence she brings to mention the Jim Crow era in the south(the racial south) at that…Incarceration started mainly because of the abolishment of slavery so that slave owners could get cheap manual labor.The society in the he south is still plagued by this standard!One would say that people are given an equal opportunity, but what about those who have an educational level of ignorance and has to result to crime??This is something that an individual needs to think about…I leave you as I came peace…As a god body I what my daily thoughts according to the information I tend to encounter…. Much thanks to Supreme Understanding….. You may contact me at

Nathaniel McCoy
DOC #505368


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