Melvin Shaw Jr.

One Shot To Make An Impact, by Melvin Shaw

how are you all me im perfectly find mentally and physically. i had this dream tht was more of like a seminar of god angels talking to me telling me tht it is a must tht us ppl need to make a diffrence in start doing more good in giving ppl more words of encouragement .. we all have a time wen we will leave earth but until tht time we need to start setting are self us for success with the lord in make him happy. its alot of ppl tht could use our words. no ones is perfect but we can shape a person life with 3 words.. i also feel as the angels in my dream was talking to me indirectly to tell me to write a book of my life tht i can pass along.. we all need to think about. i feel tht should be mandatory for us to have a manuscript.. so i hope with all this i said will help you…..we all need to follow the days of the old ones from back in the anicent times…. if you want to reach me i add me on melvin shaw 624671 address 2240 hubbard rd. youngstown ohio 44509..

Melvin Shaw
DOC #624671

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