Prisoners Need Prayer, by Samuel Jones Jr.

One morning I was listening to the radio ministry of the Word of God and at the end of the service,the pastor prayed for everybody in the world but the prisoners(incarcerated men and women).I asked myself,why is that?Its like we are the lowest scum of the earth and dont deserve prayer.But I did some study and research and learned that,Joseph was incarcerated and because of his imprisonment,the nation of Israel was saved from starvation.In Acts 12:1,Peter was incarcerated,but the church prayed fervently for him.Paul wrote one-third of the New Testament in prison! Silas was imprisoned with Paul on his first missionary journey.I could go on.Why are these radio and t.v.ministries not praying for the prisoners(inmates).The same God they serve outside these razor-wire fences is the same God we serve inside these razor-fences.Hebrews 13:3 states,remember the prisoners as though in prison with them and those who are ill-treated,since you yourselves are also in the body.Its like these ministries are being selective and partial when praying and preaching the word of God.There are a lot of people outside prison that are prisoner to something such as,alcohol,drugs,gambleing or something or another.These ministries pray for them,but for the men/women behind prison walls,its like we outcasted from recieving prayer! Everyone needs prayer on their behalf when they are going through difficult circumstances and rough storms.Why are these ministries not praying for the prisoners?They dont know that there are men in prison excepting Jesus as their Lord and what He has done on the cross for them.Now,they are men of God and need prayer!WE,NEED PRAYER! Or do we have to wait until we are released from prison to qualify?No matter where a person is located,we all need prayer.Yes,I am saved,but I still go through trials and storms,so yes I need prayer.I thank my God for He is not selective or partial to whoever calls o His name.My question is,why are radio and t.v. ministries not praying for the prisoners? God Bless You All.

Samuel Jones Jr. #350216
1630 Prison Rd.

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