Archie Wilder

Why Imigrates Receive Protections, by Douglas Haddix

I have been watching the Tally and it appears the people in border prisons and jails are getting all the free grease. I understand the way corporations and states operate these holding areas to get the most out of each person, but what about the people in state and federal prisons. We do not get any benefit of early release. I have been incarcerated for 24 years and the parole board will not allow me out of prison. The Ohio State Government called us long-term offenders the worst of the worst in prison. This means to me that those on the border prisons and jails get the benefits of prison reform. I get to continue my incarceration for those on the border to get released and enjoy the rights of citizenship that Ohio removed from me. I pray those in border jails and prisons are released and do enjoy the benefits I guess I forifited 24 years ago.

Douglas Haddix
DOC #304270

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