John Mcconnell

Tears Never Cried, by John Mcconnell

A blog entry/poem by Mac

Imagine teardrops never cried
from all of the pain trapped inside.
Just waiting to escape
through the windows of your eyes.

“Why wont you let us out?”
The tears question the conscience
“Relinquish all of your fears and doubts
and heal yourself in the process.”

Then the conscience told the tears
“I kow that you really want me to cry
but if I should release you,
in gaining your freedom, You will die!”

The tears gave it some serious thought
before giving the conscience an answer
“If crying brings you to such triumph,
then dying is not such a disaster!”

Just a lil somethin…..

John R. Mcconnell #731-514
Po Box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036
Jpay system Odrc
EDS 5-13-2036 for now…..

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