Jonathan Banks

Mere Thoughts, by Jonathan Banks

Fate puppeteers many things into ones life in the most peculiar ways.As thoughts may take many of us under to find out what some of these things may be,in light of what we hope for them to turn out as,how can we manifest the existence of what we truly seek for,with what we are permitted with in our ongoing lives to experience(LIVING) opposed to only (EXISTING)????
A experience above all is to experience(LIFE)in itself.Something many has called tooken for(GRANTED)when they were only(LIVING) a (LIFE) with a hand they were dealt,in order to remain (EXISTING).
So,are we (LIVING)to(EXIST)or(EXISTING) to(LIVE) for the things that fate puppeteers into our lives?????


Jonathan Banks
DOC #AD2935

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