Major McCormick

Prison, by Major McCormick

If you’ve never been God bless you if you have you know it is a living hell and this is not metaphoric.All of you who have family can send this blog to your loved 1 and check its authenticity. There is no love in prison 0. There are no friends in prison. There is no help in prison. If you have a cell you live in it 20 hours a day with another person who is just as miserable if not worse and this is for years the cell is no bigger than a .medium sized walk in
closet. The food is barely edible. You don’t sleep well. the beds are made of Steel and hurt your back and intestines. Three are no warm welcomings. No one offers you anything. nothing is free. No happiness. People laugh at injuries and death. You are under constant watch. There is nothing pleasant. So your loved one calls trying to hold on to all of the dignity he or she has when half of their dignity is lost to having to shower with others or use the toilet in sight or hearing of others. Having to beg for a twenty cent soup because no one sends you money and you are not going to eat for another 13 hrs Hello? you still there can you hear me now? any one out there? I need hygiene. uh could you put twenty dollars aside a week so that I can at least brush my teeth and wash my body with soap and buy laundry detergent? Yes this is prison but it becomes Hell The moment no one answers your phone call or answers it with lies. it becomes hell when you look around and see people eat every day stay on the telephone and you can hear and see the concern their family friend and loved ones show them. A prisoner is no different than the man or woman you walk past that sleeps on a park bench or the sidewalk begging from strangers only if he or she had their family things would be much softer for them it is the same exact way in here. eating out of the garbage can ?yep. stink? Yep. Dirty clothes holie shoes and socks? Yep. Bad breath? yep. There are no good paying Jobs in prison None and the hustles can land you in a grave or with more time. Think about this next time some one asks for a few dollars with it its prison w/o its hell.

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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