Marvin Burrage

Born To Win, Raised To Lose, by Marvin Burrage


WELL I am back in Milwaukee and getting into more trouble Ronnie and me,I think I was a follower because every time I got into trouble it was with Ronnie, every time I looked up he was doing something,like the house next door to use I watched him go in and didn’t go in until he had came out and was going back in,I mean wherever we lived we didn’t stay for long because we stayed in trouble,we got in so much trouble they sent Ronnie to a group home “Wells school for boys”so that left me to run the streets by myself,I didn’t do the shit I did with Ronnie, I did little shit like stealing candy from the store,riding the bus all day and skipping school,things changed when I ran into Billy I knew him from Cleveland he was our stepfather friend or something I don’t know,but we called ourselves brothers and he was a lot older then me and just got out of jail,so I started hanging with him,he had his own apartment and that’s where I lived,I watched him and his friends get high sticking needles in there arms,he asked me if I wanted some and I said no,I think I was about fourteen, at the time I didn’t know he was a junkie and his friends, we had to steal every day to get money,we went over these girls house at least I thought they was girls at the time,I was sitting at the table one older woman asked if I was hungry and she made me a plate,and then went back in the bathroom putting makeup on and Billy was feeling allover him and kissing her,after I was done she lite up a cigarette and gave it to me,a whole bunch of women started feeling up the apartment and it was a one room apartment so as we was living she told Billy to bring me back,when we got outside he said Marv she likes you and I said you was kissing and feeling on her he said don’t worry about that and I could go over there by myself,I said cool..anyway I ran into some of my dudes,Sonny and SonnyBoy,we all plan on making money together,Billy said he was going to a club downtown called papaguyo something like that so Sonny agreed to drop him off when we got there it was no place to park people was everywhere,we got out the car and walked around and then went in the club,man this place was packed I went into the bathroom it was packed and it was women in there getting high and doing whatever,so back outside me and Soonyboy was just standing around smoking and this women walked up with her friends and said when I am coming over,I said soon and she said she will be waiting and then walked away Soonyboy and me started laughing man we both could’not believe that an older women wanted me,he kept saying I ain’t going to know what to do with it and he was right but I was going to hit it,her name was Michelle, I told billy and he said man you better go get that I said I would,we came back to this place every night taking shit from people,one night we meet this guy while we was waiting on this guy to park his car because we was gonna rob him but anyway the guy we standing there talking to his name was Jeff and he would always be down there when we got there we would of rob him but he didn’t look like he had any money because he drove a beat up little yellow car,we later found out his name was Jeffrey donmar he was guy and acted creepy, so we stop going on that end of the parking lot…I was staying with Billy on Wisconsin in this one room apartment when I opened the door it was a red light on and the place smelt funny I pulled the curtain back and there as Billy in bed with his work out partner named birdie,man that shit was crazy,I went down the hall and stayed the night,the next morning he tryed to explain I told him what you do is what you do and no more was said about it but I was always watching my surrounding because I never knew he was like that,I mean these was some big muscle bound dudes,plus they was shooting up dope,this building you could find everything,and one night one of the guys down the hall tryed to break in and still the TV but Billy caught him and man did it get bad,he beat dude like it was nothing I mean when I say beat I mean beat,he beat him so bad I got scarced and left I went over that girl house that told me to come over,she buzzed me in and when I got to her door it was open and a voice said come in and I did,she was in the bathroom getting dressed,Michelle asked me was I hungry and made me a big plate,before I finished eatin the apartment got to feeling up with women all of them dressed up and asking me all kinds of question Michelle telling me not to listen to them,I was getting ready to leave until Michelle said I am staying there and ain’t nobody going to be there but me and besides she said when you wake up all the money will be beside the bed,so when they all left I took a shower rolled up a joint called my brother and bragged to him that I had an older woman who had her own apartment after talking to him I called my girlfriend and we talked until 2 am,then I went to sleep and woke up to breakfast,Michelle said look beside the bed and get that money,she said daddy that’s all I made last night,I am thinking what the hell is going on,now I know whores and pussy sellers and I know pimps and that ain’t me

Marvin Burrage,
DOC #256209

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