Joshua Hairston

To Brother & Sisterkind, by Joshua Hairston

To WHOMEVER has given of Time – (Man’s most precious commodity) I KNOW (I Hold Firm Belief) that YOU have the wherewithal to Increase YOUR Probability of Succeeding, by Maximizing YOUR Opportunities. I Hope That YOU See In Everyday A Platform, On Which YOU Are Able To Begin Erecting The Infrastructure Of The LIFE YOU Dream Of. I LOVE YOU! It Does Not Matter, to me, whether I Know YOU, personally, or not. I am sure YOU had planned (in idea) for LIFE to follow, strictly, YOUR desires. I apologize on behalf of those who misinformed YOU, or allowed for YOU to be mislead. Humility Is Not Supppsed To Hide Ambition. WE ALL, at some point are humbled, this Should NOT cause in US the quelling of OUR ambition. I read a few lines the other day, from one of my favorite books, Think And Grow Rich. Anyway, the author writes after explaining that FAITH is one of the most effective means of SHAPING ones mind and subsequently their life: ” You, and you alone, must decide whether or not the reward for which you are striving, is worth the price you must pay for it in effort.” Yes, at the end of each day we should look inwardly at ourselves (at the effort expended, mentally and physically) and outwardly at our situations, to determine if Time has been Utilized, Opportunity Capitalized upon, in an attempt to create an avenue toward holding ourselves accountable. We must awake every morning believing in the absolute reality that Life is the Outcome of Ones Efforts; we must awake excited by the possibility of Changing the Outcome of that Life, (If It as It Is, Is Unfavourable.) IT’S HARD BUT IT’S FAIR, I heard this uttered the other day, and while my initial thoughts were contrary to the sentiment meant to be conveyed, I gave myself time to cogitate, AND concluded: I must agree. It is quite difficult to alter the course of YOUR Life, especially without consciousness-awareness of the Absolute Reality that YOU are in control. Also when almost every component of the environment encapsulating YOU, has been structured, set for YOUR Life to flow in a certain direction, It Takes Real Conscious Effort to Go against that and WIN. It’s Hard But It’s Fair, when a person conditions themselves to exert such energy and effort as is required to combat such adversarial forces, then it is without question FAIR that person Succeed. I Love You. Be Great, Be Genius, Stay Grounded, Stay Grinding!!!!

Joshua Hairston
DOC #1411138

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