Steven Meadows

Blessed Morning, by Steven Meadows

It is always a blessing to wake up the next morning because you made it through another day.The only thing that suck about me is I wake up behind these four walls in the morning. But I am not going to let that effect how I go about my day. I’m going to continue to strive down the right path so I can be home in the next seven months. That’s when I can wake up in the morning on a comfortable bed. Or next to a beautiful women that I might meet one day.I want to wake up wipe my face, brush my teeth, and just cook a good breakfast for that special women that I’ll meet. Until then I am going to focus on bettering myself and do what I got to do in life as a man. I want to work hard and be able to provide for my family.This is why I am blessed to wake up the next morning and to continue what I got going on. I want to thank this blogging app for letting me share my stories,comments and thoughts.

Steven Meadows
DOC #661-912

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