Relationships, by Steven Meadows

As I’m getting closer to the door,im wanting to meet a female that I can get to know. I’m not trying to rush things nor am I trying to hop around. Like I’m at the point in my life where I want to meet that special someone.I’ll be 27 on the 8th of April. I’m almost finish with my core/landscape class and want to continue down that pathway.I didn’t graduate highschool but I do have my G.E.D.I also completed to course of college which were transition skills and customer service skill.I’m in the middle of addiction counseling and a conflict resolution, mediation class. Once I have completed that I will continue with another two classes. One is sociology and the other is computer software. I’m 6 ft with brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m a very loyal person and respectful. I really don’t like arguing because its bad for relationships. If you want to continue this conversation feel free to write back on

Steven Meadows
DOC #661-912

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