Davin Wallace

Praise God-(2) The Faith, by Davin L. Wallace

I’m healed & delivered by the blood, stripes, wounds, death, burial & resurrection of my Lord Jesus Christ. I’m healed & free in mind, body & soul/ mentally, physically & spiritually. This is truly the Lord God’s will for all. God desires us to be free & healed. That was the whole purpose of Christ being given to us. To be delivered from Satan’s will & his hold on our minds, bodies, souls & spirits. The children of God is free indeed to do & complete the life purpose given to us, which includes living w/& in peace, joy, love, grace, mercy, prosperity, freedom, healing & in intimate relationship w/God. I’m privileged to persevere suffering when persecution comes when I know it will bring my intentions to God, but I’m more privileged to walk in God’s glory & redemptive privileges. We shall lack nothing that’s in Christ which is every good thing. So even in suffering which may be used to deliver us from something not of Christ to everything in Christ, we as children of God can take joy in the healing, deliverance & temporarily suffering, knowing all experiences is for our good that we may live in God’s fullness. I’m great internally/spiritually & externally/physically with no doubt. And the key to all this is unwavering belieth/faith in God’s Word from front to back & up & down. God doesn’t want us sick, sinful, imprisoned, nor suffering, but has used all things for our good when the enemy tried to use them to come against us to prosper, more important He don’t desire us to remain there & offers escape from it all. The power that which manifest all these truths comes from the only living God & heavenly rim thru His Holy Spirit that powers can & will do everything beyond our natural comprehension, if we only believe & receive. Concerning my recent physical ailment, past sins & current location, It was never about the suffering nor sin, but about God’s willingness to deliver & heal; about His love, grace, mercy & peace He desires to give; about the intimate love relationship He desires to have w/me; & about the faith & trust He desires for me to have so I may receive all the goodness He has given through Christ, while also glorifying Him at the same time. Sins, sicknesses, sufferings or any Satan’s lies will not hinder me from believing God on His Word/promises. This momentarily sickness could have been allowed for testing of my faith; means to consecration unto the Lord; revealing & confirming God’s love, grace, mercy, peace & glory in deliverance & healing in the manner & attitude which He gives His promises, which is willingly. According to the promise of God I been healed & delivered, I just got to receive it.. I truly don’t belong to myself no more, I belong to Christ which is great because I’m no longer in bondage to sin nor sickness nor anything that opposes the Word of God. My God given experiences has been enlightening to the truths of God’s Word for my life. Glory be to God for calling me to partake in His Kingdom, glory, love, grace, mercy, peace & every redemptive privilege, blessing & miracle that’s provided thru faith & the work of Holy Spirit. A divine experience that revealed the glory of God that is upon me. I am complete in Christ. Our sicknesses was laid on Christ, & We’re redeemed from the curse of diseases. We are strong for the Lord is my strenght. We have been redeemed & Satan’s reign has ended. I’m no longer a servant to Satan but a faithful & righteous servant to God & His Kingdom. I am a new creation. The old things have passed, & all things are becoming new. If I didnt know better I would apologize for sounding too bold, but i know better & i only boast in my Lord God & all that is in Christ. We got to walk in faith to walk in the newness we desire, prayed for & believe God has given.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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