Angel Dejesus

Against All Odds, by Angel Dejesus

I was born with out a father in a little town with no growth, I always felt out of place with no love, “against all odds” I was lost from the start with no tear only dry eyes from the sun and flames that lights the Sky’s all night from the sugar canes and bamboos burning. Humans not realizing the pain and destruction they causing to the ones that use this tools to survive. “Against all odds”. What a feeling to wake up sweating from the sound of gun shot crackling thru the shingles and chipping the paint from the concrete, school becoming a joke with no comedians nor show, only weary souls and fatherless children looking at each other with sad faces. “Why”, did it had to come to this. “Why”, was I born into this world. “Against all odds”. My mother marry for support not love, fear is all she knows now. “Sad”, she never seen it coming, they say a picture saids a 1,000 words, I wonder how many words my picture saids. Please don’t miss understand me I’m just giving the world my thought’s and how life has revealed the reality of someone with my type of up bringing. If I could turn the hands in time would I, NO, for TIME has shown me my purpose, TIME has made it possible for you to hear my story. “Against all odds”. I live to give back, even though I don’t have much, until my name is called to return to the essence in this world I will remain helpless but not restless my duty to you my brothers and sisters is to give you my devoted attention so you won’t make the same mistakes I made. Against all odds. Thank you and God bless you.

Angel R Dejesus
DOC #1037159

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