Maurice Williams

Untitled, by Maurice Williams

Here I go again
contemplating ends thinking about the future
where do I begin
Man I’m off my track, took a detour
Knocked me on my back, on my feet again
back and forth with that like a see-saw
life is up and downs I’m more down than up thirteen years I flat this no free-fall
know it got to cost world will pay for that
I can’t let it go pray and hope I grow
play a better role pave a different road
everything I gain spring from harder work
all my hurt and pain sprung me out the dirt
Got no choice but build everything is broke
cooking up a fix everything is dope
looking out the fence everything is hope
watch me catch them up everything is slow
Look and see the vision wake to live the dream
that’s what makes the difference
most just want to sleep
My ambition reach within the deep
opposition obligate the beast
against all odds that’s more than just the ink
I survived the plot to see me break
that’s auspicious I can take the blame
that’s suspicious I can read the page
Every single line truth within the lies
love behind the hate envy in the eyes
jealousy in words I’m just speaking straight
guess they throwing curves
I can hit’em fine knock it out the park
I don’t duck the plate
put me with the sharks I proceed to grind
hear they talking slick I’m not new to hate

Maurice Williams
DOC #636892


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