Pierre Redd


the outside world needs to know that a lot of men and women that are incarcerated are innocent or if not totally innocent are way over sentenced! the justice system is broken and the district attorney’s office runs the courtroom not the judge. it is said that if you go to trial you’ll be judged by 12 of your peers? that is totally not true at all! for one most jurors have never done jury duty before, and most of all they’re regular people that don’t know nothing at all about law or how to apply it for a proper and correct verdict. the judge may instruct the jury that what the D.A.may say is not evidence just his/her theory and the true evidence is a person on the witness stand etc…the judge also may instruct the jury that they can believe all of what a witness says half of what they say or nothing of what they say. but its so much more stuff going on behind the scene that the judge don’t let the jury see or hear that might make them think differently while there in deliberation. how can you call people of the city to be jury on a case and they don’t have or know all the pieces to the case? most times its not even explained to the jury that witnesses had many story’s! and if a witness has more then one story of the said crime that means they have been lying to cops, and could be lying as they testify on the stand at court etc…also most witnesses have motivation to testify either by the district attorney’s office giving them leniency on a case they caught on there own or by some kind of favor they will receive from the D.A’.S office before or after the case is over. in most cases also in my own case the D.A.basically in so many words told the main witness/gang member shanta tybud stanford that if he didn’t convince the jury that everything he was saying wac true he wouldn’t receive a better deal on his gun case which he had in a whole other courthouse in downtown los angeles. so what that means is he has to do or say anything in order to help get a conviction even if he has to lie because if he doesn’t he’s not guaranteed a deal,and that’s his whole reason to testify is for the deal.I can be contacted @the address below, and i can also receive emails via”jpay. com”
PIERRE TONY REDD #AU4624 go to”jpay. com”and download the
CSATF/CSP E4-246L “jpay mobile app”then add your info
P.O.BOX 5242 along with mine then we’ll be able to
CORCORAN, CA 93212-5242 email each other if you would like to
reach me for any reason!?

DOC #AU4624

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