John Lockhart Jr.

THE DOWN SIDE OF PRIVATIZED PRISONS (part 2), by John Lockhart Jr.

Not 1 single time did the officers check my titles or receipts for my property, in fact the staff never retitled any of my belongings. When officers came in my cell they often sat on my bed watching T.V. and then walked back out as to show the cameras they went in my cell and shook down my cell, so their supervisors believed they were doing their jobs.
I tried to get things going within the prison for inmates to be productive with their time such as a class teaching simple art and drawing, as I myself do “Rat Fink” poster art and some of my art I spend hundreds of hours on. staying out of trouble, teaching others something they too can make money doing.
However my ideas went in one ear and out the other, as staff couldn’t get a grasp on the mentallity of the inmates being dumped off on them, they became almost scared to even walk down the halls alone.
While saving money housing inmates sounds good on paper the only real solution is releasing inmates who like me can prove through D.N.A. evidence someone else should be sitting in this prison cell, or people who did not kill someone who has been in prison over 10 years.
I get it people have a hatred for people committing crimes, however when is enough enough?
let’s not over look John Kasichs first term, he cut budgets going to school kids, to provide for prisons. that tells me kasich owns stock in private prisons, this could be why we got the former director of the C.C.A. as director in Ohio prisons. let’s incorporate the same Keefe into Ohio prisons that provide goods to private C.C.A. prisons too, who owns stock in Keefe?
warehousing people in Ohio prisons to create jobs is not the solution to create jobs, warehousing people in private prisons that don’t comply with amendments,the Ohio constitution or the Ohio revised codes is not a solution either.
The only thing I found beinficial to being in that prison was the health care, I had a hernia for nearly 20 years that I refused to let the students at O.S.U. tamper with, because of all the horror stories I have herd from inmates being treated in O.S.U. have went through, all the inmates I have personally spoken to that have been treated as a lab rat in the hands of the medical staff at O.S.U. that treat inmates, was the reason I will not let them cut me open.
The experience I had at the local hospital there in Youngstown was exceptional, the recovery went fine, and I am doing good.
The medical staff in the prison made every effort to make sure my care was their priority, unlike in the state where they charge you money to tell you to go to the commissary and buy aspirin, even after they knew I’m allergic to aspirin.

Yes, I was wrongly convicted of a rape charge, theirs unknown D.N.A.
in the victims panties, the prosecution withheld the fact its saliva from a female they also withheld from the jury and all courts of appeals the
alleged “rape” was oral sex, those indictments were destroyed and later reindicted after the state funded crime lab found the saliva.
This is how the state of Ohio treats its own people, instead of a wall across mexico how about a wall around the bias Ohio supreme court and its menions?

welcome to Ohio, go to Ohio on vacation, leave on probation. if at all.

I rarely do blogging , as this is my first since my initial introductory.
I utilize the U.S. snail mail mostly, however I can be reached through the site too. I am Ohio prisoner #A536014

John C. Lockhart Jr. #A536014
A.C.I. 4501
Lima, Oh.45802

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