God Is Not Done With Me Or You, by Roderick Earl

When I was informed that I was granted parole. I was overwhelmed by so many positive feelings of joy that it made me petrified. I felt like I died and came back to life in a split second. I felt every pain go away, I felt every unhealed regret healed, I felt every unclosed issues closure, I instantly felt myself coming into a new body.The holy spirit God word and the son of man is real! I am so humbled. I am coming home after 27 yrs of being an oasis of hope for the hopeless an oasis of faith for the faithless and an oasis of love for the unloved. Our heavenly father will not put more than we can bare on us. Have hope have faith most importantly keep love in your heart it will navigate you through the hardest of times with tiny faith and small hope. God love is real and so are you when you are doing your best at being yourself. Process the progress and the progress will proceed through you. In other words see it (internally) believe it (with actions) and do it (with love). May peace be with you and Love keep you safe and inspired.

Roderick Earl Dyette #1111137
Greensville Correctional Center
901 Corrections Way
Jarratt, Va 23870
or @
Roderick Dyette #1111137

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