Billy Legrone

_OUR TIME, by Billy Legrone

Hi, my name is Billy Legrone. I’m 26 years old and I’m from Cleveland Ohio. I’ve been incarcerated since I was 16 years old after being present when a crime was committed and being uncooperative with the authorities. I’ve now served the majority of my sentence with less than two years remaining and during my time here one of the most powerful things I’ve learned is the power of words and communication(s) with others. I created this blog in hopes of starting to vent in a healthy way and detaching from all the toxic habits and energies around me. I named my blog “_OUR TIME” because I understand that when you care enough to pay attention to and give any regard to me while I’m here (even by reading this blog) then its no longer just me doing my time but it becomes “OUR TIME” that we find ways to share together. Its no longer about me alone. I’ve learned that we (incarcerated men) seem to come off selfish and needy at times and we even put our loved ones in a type of prison. At first I didn’t understand this and I mishandled a lot of relationships because of that but now that I’m much more developed I pray for opportunities to build healthy bonds and friendships whenever possible. And even though this might sound simple, its actually far from it because “_OUR TIME” is limited and portioned out in ways that don’t always favor me and my intentions. This leads to countless different perspectives and feelings. For example, sometimes I lay down at night and wonder, why?? Why is it so challenging to develop healthy and sustainable bonds while I’m here?? While I’m growing and bettering myself and my position in the world through college, community programs, and constant personal development. Why am I so easily overlooked by the world who seems to view all my time here as a waste instead of an opportunity to grow and solidify our bond(s)?? For decisions I made as a child?? And why cant we find ways to make “_OUR TIME” productive instead of allowing it to divide us?? These are the type of questions and thoughts I struggle with constantly and that I strive to solve. I also hope to just begin building with people in the real world so that I’m prepared for what’s out there for me again. I Thank you for taking the time to listen. And I also invite you to converse with me personally through Billy Legrone #A564-566. I’m available. Be safe.

Billy Legrone
DOC #A564-566

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  1. Your bitch ass was warned about graduating to DR&C a while back, and now you’re someone’s sweet meat. Rot in Hell, Billy.

    It’s going to be fun watching your recidivism. Next time, there won’t be a light sentence, sweet boy.


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