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It is sad I have to do this again , but I do…Again for the death of a sweet little girl named Jasmine Barnes (spelling may be different). This one is particularly sad because her death was so absolutely senseless and possibly motivated by the worse kind of ignorance that stubbornly persist and remains prevalent not just in our society but within the underlying intrinsic nature of civilization as a whole. we seemed to be on track to stamping out this kind of ignorance but now see the rise of unprecedented nationalism and fascism. This misunderstood ideology has become renascent among the easily influenced and feeble minds of the mentally unstable. The occurring buoyancy of this phenomenon in so many different locations and minds of different groups should be cause for alarm.
In Houston Texas a red truck driven by a white male pulled along side a vehicle driven by a black woman and her children. Inexplicably the man open fired into their car and Jasmine ended up with a bullet in the head killing her. The little girl had her whole life ahead of her and should not of died because of some random man’s irreverence and ignorance. I am only speculating now about motive.When the killer is caught we will see.
Nationalism , in its intended purpose is supposed to promote the ideology of addressing the immanent problems and concerns of the respective country first. If employed only in its most basic principles it does not necessarily have to be incongruent with the ideal of reaching beyond the boundaries of a people. But as usual history repeats itself in a less than ardent mode of continuity. The idea becomes distorted amongst the bourgeois and passed along to the proletarian. Extremism then arises and becomes inflammatory spreading unctuous idealisms that are based on empty concepts created out of fear and propaganda.
The result is rogue individuals such as the unknown shooter of Jasmine , acting out in isolation against undeserving innocent people. The human brain , for all its evolutionary advances since early hominins , still has many avenues for producing fallacy in its reason and rationalism. Our societies , especially the Occidental ones , have made great strides toward the idealized utopian vision of philosophers and great statesmen but will always be hindered by ephemeral groups that rise and fall with a similar periodicity like that of the lunar phases..It is the responsibility of any individual or political body that has within its capabilitiy to counter these actions of misguided ideas and attempt to right these injustices that evoke revulsion in the masses.
Whether Jasmine’s death was an ignorant act of racism or not , it is simply a tragedy that exemplifies the need to heed the underlying problems of a society whose morale is languishing under the atmosphere of fascism and the efflorescence of historical violence committed out of fear and ignorance. The migrant deaths of seven year oldJakelin Caal and eight year old fillipe (spelling may be wrong) who died at one of Trump’s prison camps while the family sought the american dream , were deaths that ultimately resulted from ignorance rooted in the inexorable policies developed and driven by the old guard intelligentsia and their refusal for a long overdue permanent permutation into an all encompassing purview that brings all races and ethnic groups into its protective clutches as promised by the United States proclamation… Go bless you Jasmine and Jakelin and Fillipe , and let’s hope to prevent other children from succumbing to the pejorative practices of those who lost their way.

A mass of hands press on the market window , ghost of progress dressed in slow death , feeding on the hunger and glaring through the promise upon the food that rots slowly in the aisle ,a mass of nameless at the oasis , that hides the graves beneath the master’s hill , are buried for drinking , the rivers water while shackled to the line of the empty well , this is the new sound , just like the old sound , just like the noose wound over the burning ground , like ashes in the fall , listen to the fascist sing , take hope here , war is else where , you were chosen , this is god’s land , soon we’ll be free of blot and mixture , seeds planted by our forefather’s hand , a mass of promises begin to rupture like the pockets of the new world kings , like the stomachs in Appalachia , like the priest who fucked you as he whispered holy things , a mass of tears have transformed the stones now sharpened on suffering and woven into the slings , hope lies in the rubble of this rich fortress , taking today what tomorrow never brings
ashes in the fall , – rage against the machine
how long can we wait , this is what is at stake , action for reaction , this is a stick up , your life or your freedom , god I wish I could be peaceful , raise your fist and resist , stand up in the midst of this war ,why stand on a silent platform , fight the war , fuck the norm , what’s it gonna take ? shackled our minds bent on the cross , when ignorance reigns life is loss , shackled our minds when bent on the cross , when ignorance reigns life is lost when ignorance reigns life is lost , lost , life is lost!
township rebellion , – rage against the machine
P.S. contact ABC world news and ask if there is a fund for Jasmine’s funeral and donate if you can

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