Aaron Austin

Xmas, by Aaron Austin

To the ones I hold to the highest esteem.Holidays pass then night comes and I lay awake,wondering at the character of the man I have become.I look through barbed fences into the velvet sky and wonder if you look up on these same stars,and pray that your mind holds on to the image of the man I was to you.I pray that you still see me”.I have repeatedly exiled myself and have chosen to play the cards that were god given.The things that I have chosen to be nonchalant about in my life will continue to occur.After all the mayhem&madness that has occurred steming from the 14 man riot I was involved in am I still afraid to separate myself?Everyday someone wakes up with their mindset to play a game.Its up to me to identify the participants as well as adhere to the rules.I also have to figure out whose on each team and how to sucessfully win the game while staying in the field of play.Ascension only happens when your retention rate goes up.In my life the streets will always call upon me its up to me to block the streets number and move forward.I have spent 4 Xmas locked away and alone but the time I have spent away is so small compared to the time I have left.Happy Holidays.

Aaron Austin #711-099
T.C.I. po box901

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