Jeremy Gautreau

The Hit Man, by Jeremy M. Gautreau

One of the things in prison that many people do not realize is there are people who are locked up that are not in the prison system on a sex crime, however, these men commit a sex crime on a daily basis. These men are called hit men. What a hit man does is waits on being able to see a female or a male who looks or acts in a female manner and masterbates without their knowledge.
Many of these men get locked up for what is known as a 21, sex offense. This is all fine. however, these people never get a street charge. If they do it is far between. Many of these offenders have 10 to 30 sex offenese in there jacket(file) and not one street charge. At the least this is Obscenity. But, those of us do not do this have to endure this profain act.
It is sad. These guys line up on the yard and put there coat sleaves in there pockets to make it seem as though they are warming their hands. Actually what they are doing is taking there arms out of the coat arms and putting them in their pants to do this profain act. Some actuall show themselves.
Many unsuspecting females that work the walk gates do not know what is going on. If they do not see the private parts one can only assume this is what is taking place. I is sad because on the streets you wil get a sex charge and would have to regester as a sex offender. But, it a Louisiana prison this is not the case.
When a person is caught doing this they are locked up and stay in the cell blocks for 1 day to 6 moths and no registering as a sex offender. Then many of these habitual Hit Men, Jack off artist, and many other names, end up getting out and they may be in a neighborhood doing the same thing. So not only are they an exobisionist but the are a peeping tomb. Both of which is punishable by the sex offense law.
A person who has actually commited a sex offence and goes to prison for it has the least recidivism rate than any offender. Then when one takes the time to get treatment they are only 3.2% to 5.5% likely to commit a sex crime again.
So what about the others who continuiously do this in prison. The rate for them is so high that one would not imagin it. These people who are in prison and are constantly going to the hole for a 21 should have to regester as a sex offender. I am not talking about if they was caught like 3 times in a 17 year period. I am talking about some that have 3 or more in a single year.
It is one thing for a man to handle his business every once in a while in a prison setting that does not allow congical visits. However, if you are constantly doing this on the men or women who are staff memebers or inmates then in my book that makes you a sex offender and I believe you need to take sex offense classes at the least if not have to regester when you get out for at least 5 years until you finish a class for sex offenders.

Jeremy M. Gautreau (aka: Crying Wolf)
LADOC #00482805


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