Max McBride

Prison Games, by Max MCbride

Prison games…….part 1
……I’m sayin doe why we gotta be like this!
like what!
messed up in the head!
weak thoughts got us trap in a 6×8
damn you right ,we through fo real
so what’s the solation
I don’t know men!
I do ,balance!
what is balance men
believeing in god and self to succeed
by all means necessary
what is necessary
now or never men, damn bro!
yeah now I understand ,so what’s the
plan bro!
I don’t know, I’m saying doe

Prison games……part2
Damn my girl left me!
what happen!
dis dude ,I consider a brother took her
where is he,he on the streets right!
na,he was here, he rode out to a different
Men I’m sick ,she was my pride &joy
I don’t know what I was thinking letting
dude call &get 3 ways
this dude told her all type of lies
O’yeah,like what!
I’m gay& I was only using her for her money
&he even told her about my side piece
damn ,I wanna kill this dude
I feel ya pain fam, that’s foul shh!
I know men ,but forget that
let’s hit the track and get high
alright playa ,that’s what I’m talking about
I bet you is

Prison games…….part3
Wusup homie,I see you just got down
where you from
I’m from Cali but I caught my case in Columbus
O’yeah that’s where I’m from
Yeah men, I’m sick these devils
just give me 25 to life for a murder
I had to sell everything to pay my lawyer
Yeah its real outthere
but uh what was you into outthere
FAM I was doing numbers
I had whatever ,on mama’s
O’yeah what kind of whip you have
Shh I had a Range Rover,Benz truck
and 2 Donks on 8’s
Is that right
Yeah fool ,what you mean!
Is that right
Foolie peep right I ain’t never heard of you
And you was in my city
Ask about me foolie
Real live boss ,got 10 in the state &10 in the fedz
So stop playing boi!

Prison games…….part4
Wusup family you trying to eat
Yeah fool but you gotta cook for me
and 3 of my dudes
Damn fam ,alright shh
y’all putting in everything right!
Yeah fool we got it
what we need !
Shh what y’all trying to eat
A fish bowl
Alright uh….bring me 6 fish ,3 chips
12soups and all the condiments
y’all want in it
Fool you’s a clown
you better go on

See prison ain’t cool at all its a joke
forreal if you don’t come in here and
found self you will keep losing even when you return to society I hope y’all that haven’t been here don’t come please
and stay focus I know it ain’t easy but
you can do it a plan in motion will feel
you with joy just trust the process
#I can’t wait to get out the box/4-4-26
Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #466513

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