False Hopes, by John Hodge

Hello, my name is john .A Hodge. I’m 35 yrs old currently incarcerated at the warren correctional instatution located in ohio. My inmate number is # (A574051).I first came into the system as an adult around september of 2009 and am due to be released on 6/1/2022 ( yay!!!). well kinda here’s why, Since the start of my sentence I was led to believe that I had a strong support system. Now that im ever close to getting up out of here my system of support seems to be haveing a change of heart. the system im talking about is my family. Stunned is what I am gut wrenching is how it felt. I would’nt have taken it so hard if it had been an outsider like my ex girlfriend who also recently left me for dead (seen it coming), but a whole family damm. in my face they are happy to hear from me but on the low they rather me just keep on pushing. Why I was led down a false road for so long over 9 yrs WOW. Ifeel like I dont matter and when i felt like I did matter it was all a lie. how far back do all of these feelings of not wanting me around go back, how many of thoes happy moments we’re real these are the things running thru my mind, now that the holidays are aproching I hear all this sad music on my radio and almost wanna let a tear drop as I too use to be rockin around the x-mass tree. I use to matter I use to be something other than a number I was once a productive member of society who made some poor choices and ended up here. nobody’s perfect especially not me, but we are all human and every one of us falls short of the glory of GOD. thank you all for takeing the time to hear me have a happy, joyful and safe holiday.

email avalible at jpay .com

John. A Hodge
DOC #A574051

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