“I wrote your name across my heart before I met you.” by Major McCormick

Some people will say I love you, with their whole heart, and mean it, but they are clueless to what love is, they miss its mark.
Some people confuse love, with words, and many other nuances, but yet claim they know they love a person, or animal, or thing, even God…..
But when was the last time you felt loved, because some one forgot about you or said it and did not follow through with actions that showed love? When was the last time you felt loved because you walked in your house and who you thought was there was no where to be found? And when you text you get no reply, and when you finally do, what the person tells you only adds to the empty feelings?
I Love you
These three words should never be spoken, only shown.

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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