Darryl Hammond

Introducing Darryl Hammond

My name is Darryl Hammond,I’m 46 years old.I’m from Baton Rouge,La.I came to prison in 1994,I rode with a friend of mines to watch his back during a drug deal,and it turned out he was being sat up by an informant and a undercover cop.I was mislead by my codefendant,so when they ran up on him I thought I was protecting him from being robbed or shot and the whole time it was a set up.We exchanged shots but wasn’t no one shot and I was arrested and been in here every since.The hardest part of this was my co-defendant had agreed with the state to testify on me when this whole situation was because of him.24 years later I’m finally on the verge of being a free man,I went up for parole in 2017 and was denied,but the prosecutor and the entire parole board like everything I had to say and all the things I’ve done to become a better person.They told me to reapply whenever I was elgible to and to keep doing what I’ve been doing.So I’ve reapplied and now just waiting on them to set me a new parole hearing.At the time when I caught this charge I was a young man that hadn’t matured or really growed up so yes I’ve made some dumb and stupid decisions as well as mistakes.But honestly to be the man I am today and blessed to still be alive,I hold my head up and keep on pushing because I know there’s a purpose in life for me.I’m a people person that likes to have fun and make others laugh when they’re going through it.This is something I take seriously with me being a volunteer for the hospice program,I see the struggles and pain other’s endure,so I don’t take anything for granted anymore.I’ve lost almost my whole family while being incarcerated so I know the importance of family,taking things for granted as well as cherishing those who are close to your heart.So as of today my everyday jpurney is to uplift other’s and put a smile on theeir faces.I also do my best to reach out to the younger population with them coming in here so young and being lost,I try to show them that you can turn a negative into a positive,so don’t lose their focus being caught up in prison life and hunting a reputation but getting invovled in programs to help themselves learn from their mistakes and become a better person.Well I’ve said enough for now,again thanks for this opportunity. Sincerely, Darryl

contact info:

Darryl Hammond #313890
Hope D-2
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport,La 71327
Or go to Jpay.com Darryl Hammond #313890

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