Dennis Watson

Loveless age of existence… By Dennis J. Watson

When was the last time someone expressed true heartfelt gratitude for you being in their life? My eldest daughter reminded me father & man i’ve grown to be has done something right for a change. The blame should be placed on where it starts, yourself. My parents parted by circumstances that led for me to find myself, by myself. In the end, no excuses when no help can be found. I don’t look for things that no longer want to be found. With time ticking & life being only minutes, there’s no time to place blame nor point fingers. I’ve chased love to the farthest end of the earth until it came to me. Honestly, ask yourself when the last time someone told you they loved you with you reminding them 1st? Is it that hard to think of? That’s what this age has been reduced to. Money, Money, Money, can’t take it with you. Enjoy, experience, & express, the main 3 points that keep life refreshing.
At this point, besides my children, my father, & his wife there are barely 3 that hold any weight anymore. Sad thing is, i had to get all this time to find out. What makes it worse, i knew none of them when this started, funny huh? How you can create a family, remember, blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family. You can’t choose where you’re born, would be nice of you could though. Parents don’t love there kids & vice versa. With every person in the world, 85% don’t know what unconditional love it. Hate has consumed everything we breathe. Hell, look at who runs the country, need i say more… I remember when it was effortless to have someone show affection & really mean it. Now, you have to spend a huge amount & pray that the ring fits. There never used to be a tag on somethinh so priceless. Or an hourly rate put on spending time with someone, why do things have to cost that are embedded in us? Trust, honesty, & compassion have been ancient in the world of the tech savvy. I guess they would call me old fashion & laugh twice as fast at me. I’d rather would’ve been to have had it & lost it then to have never have known it at all. As of right now though, the fog is too thick to see through. If i had to choose though, i’d choose love. Because it’s something you’ll never have to file banruptcy for, & that’s real…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632-936

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