Ali Jabbaar

“Where are you?” By Ali Jabbaar

I dont feel less of a man by saying I am a fan of the female species.. MyTearning is greedy; lack oof their presence, i feel needy. Easy.
Complicated creature with admirable features. Keeper of my eagerness to consume in sinful bliss. But you might have missed that i insist to indulge with the being within; only the outer will let me in without caution. The mind is my intended lodging. Its more provocating; more accomplishing; the heart wiill be so remmarkabling, if thats even a word. But my celebrity is not in bed with me. And i dontmean sexually, but that to is true. WHERE ARE YOU? A rhetorical question i take to digestion because it tells a confession. with no suggestions. My message is visible. Reply is deliverable. Supply that indvidual for I am not typical. Or political, but can be. Many diverse qualities that come inn handy. But i will not advertise for you to criticize before you give it a try. Prematurely i’m penalyzed before the acquiatance of you and I. Sympathize!Realize. Theorize! Hear my cry! Feel my pain. Stop to think I need love to. Not in view cause a gave my all to one. Now i call to noone; only family. But their problems dismantle me. Hanging OVER my head but who’s UNDERstanding me?My brothers but they cant provide any further. That possession can only come from anothter; species of my mother. WHERE ARE YOU? My ego needs fuel; tank is empty. Doesnt take plenty. One, not many. Close to accepting any; its that bad. Hard grind fighting to not miss the ones i had. Inscribed is not fictions in this notepad. Its a sly depiction of this nomad. Not lost; just wanting to be found. Across the street in search of a mutual ground. Ventilation with a tatse of sweet sensation. Conversation intriguing stimulation. My half is amazing. point blank gazing. Under the light, the insight, is not what i’m classified. That i do emphasize til my demise. Labeled Mr. wrong; but those who know me, a good guy. I asked for forgiveness. God is still by my side so WHERE ARE YOU my new friend with profound intentions to crown a dependent who all around is indigent of you. so true. So blue. Go through these steps with me. Fulfill my vacancy. Guranteed ecstasy. Lets define divine destiny. No rush for a relationship unless its reasons to take that trip. Emotional. Sensative.I’m cursed with these gifts. willing to split to profit. Not modest but honest. Enter as a princess. Treated like a Goddess. Genesis to revelation. Beginning to end. This isnt a trend but i’ll ask again. WHERE ARE YOU? I will await our fait. First date. First plate. Whenever we initiate. I dont know your name, who you are, or if your coming. But i’ll reach for the stars hoping you wll enter my Mars. So i wont be so apart and so you wont seem so afar, i painted this picture; turn it into art. This is from my heart that has a missing piece to the puzzle that only you can complete. Noone in the race to compete or defeat. No deceit in the meet. Just a treat and a seat WHERE ARE YOU?

Ali Jabbaar
DOC #623086

(aka: Ace)

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  1. I finally got to read yo blogger nd I’m more interested nd not hurting yuh or even to see yuh hurt ,I truly wish i never folded like I did but i was hurt on the inside nd felt like running was the best thing to do but now as I look bk I regret leaving the man I love the friend i was growing to kno but if god is my witness I need yuh more today then i did wit i left i need someone who will really grow wit me nd never leave my side kno matter wat….yuh really are a deep person nd once again i kno i left witout notice but I’m here nd would love to start over nd ride this 60 months out wit my man my soon to be lover my friend my soulmate my everything yesssss yuh ali I love yuh nd I’m not going kno where nd i mean EVERY wrd I’m saying…..


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