Ali Jabbaar

“Where are you?” By Ali Jabbaar

I dont feel less of a man by saying I am a fan of the female species.. MyTearning is greedy; lack oof their presence, i feel needy. Easy.
Complicated creature with admirable features. Keeper of my eagerness to consume in sinful bliss. But you might have missed that i insist to indulge with the being within; only the outer will let me in without caution. The mind is my intended lodging. Its more provocating; more accomplishing; the heart wiill be so remmarkabling, if thats even a word. But my celebrity is not in bed with me. And i dontmean sexually, but that to is true. WHERE ARE YOU? A rhetorical question i take to digestion because it tells a confession. with no suggestions. My message is visible. Reply is deliverable. Supply that indvidual for I am not typical. Or political, but can be. Many diverse qualities that come inn handy. But i will not advertise for you to criticize before you give it a try. Prematurely i’m penalyzed before the acquiatance of you and I. Sympathize!Realize. Theorize! Hear my cry! Feel my pain. Stop to think I need love to. Not in view cause a gave my all to one. Now i call to noone; only family. But their problems dismantle me. Hanging OVER my head but who’s UNDERstanding me?My brothers but they cant provide any further. That possession can only come from anothter; species of my mother. WHERE ARE YOU? My ego needs fuel; tank is empty. Doesnt take plenty. One, not many. Close to accepting any; its that bad. Hard grind fighting to not miss the ones i had. Inscribed is not fictions in this notepad. Its a sly depiction of this nomad. Not lost; just wanting to be found. Across the street in search of a mutual ground. Ventilation with a tatse of sweet sensation. Conversation intriguing stimulation. My half is amazing. point blank gazing. Under the light, the insight, is not what i’m classified. That i do emphasize til my demise. Labeled Mr. wrong; but those who know me, a good guy. I asked for forgiveness. God is still by my side so WHERE ARE YOU my new friend with profound intentions to crown a dependent who all around is indigent of you. so true. So blue. Go through these steps with me. Fulfill my vacancy. Guranteed ecstasy. Lets define divine destiny. No rush for a relationship unless its reasons to take that trip. Emotional. Sensative.I’m cursed with these gifts. willing to split to profit. Not modest but honest. Enter as a princess. Treated like a Goddess. Genesis to revelation. Beginning to end. This isnt a trend but i’ll ask again. WHERE ARE YOU? I will await our fait. First date. First plate. Whenever we initiate. I dont know your name, who you are, or if your coming. But i’ll reach for the stars hoping you wll enter my Mars. So i wont be so apart and so you wont seem so afar, i painted this picture; turn it into art. This is from my heart that has a missing piece to the puzzle that only you can complete. Noone in the race to compete or defeat. No deceit in the meet. Just a treat and a seat WHERE ARE YOU?

Ali Jabbaar
DOC #623086

(aka: Ace)


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