Abdul Griggs

Promises by Abdul Griggs

This very Unique and Special word is often taken for granted.
A lot of people make them,break them,but it’s very rare that any one keeps them.
Why? because these blessed words are only said in the moment or for the moment.
For instance, when one gets married, they make a vow/promise to love and cherish through sickness and health, for better or worse until death,but a week,sixth months later or a year a more you have divorces and break ups. You have these same people who can’t stand to look at one another, talk to one another, and hate each other too death.
Than you have those who say,” baby I love you and U promise to never hurt you or break your heart, then turn around and do the opposite, by cheating or lying.
Many are fascinated with the word,many more abuse it for greed and deception, but you have those who unique and special rare people who stand by their word.

Abdul Griggs
DOC #801020b

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  1. There are so few who do understand love is a choice, the choice of commitment above most other choices in life (obviously unless it’s an unhealthy situation). This one life, so few don’t live intentionally, trying to make a lasting impression, or to live within intentional awareness. They make a short term decision, then the next, and next… And so on.
    I’m thankful I “wow up”…


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