Introducing Sherron Ricks

Sherron M. Ricks (3/17/79)
release date of 2035
I’m your average dude from the city of Norfolk,va. Well from where I’m from (PARK PLACE) we’re definitely different than most. I was 21 when this sentence begin and Park place definitely bred me for prison. My parents bred me for isolation and emotional disconnect. now between the 2 I have no complaints because for my life I’ve still had the best, but for this moment I can truly say that prison is the worst but it’s the worst only for those who’ve changed and want different. reform is a word that should be void of a definition because who truly is.I just understand the wrong and right of a thing, the consequences of my actions and although I’m alright and have been its through my family, my daughters, mybsisters,my brother and mother that prison hurts me most. Because I was their go to, the oldest and from here I can’t help them.what if they ,the courts considered that it was him or me then who’s decision or opinion would change. and also, although there is a price to be paid should it be so high when your from an Animal Kingdom where its documented that some cops are just as. just something to think about. its something that i think about everyday .as for life until freedom i just grow as a man, in religion, as a father as best I can, but mostly i grow as a student of this life. as for the next life ,who doesn’t want to make it to heaven,insha’Allah.
I enjoy reading history, horror and some urban fiction. i wrote 2 novels and plan to write a few more. I love sharing life stories and talking about family. love is a revolving topic of my life. ive been fortunate to have experienced love time and time again. I’ve just come to understand that” love is what you believe it to be”(lol).
Sherron aka Umar(Allahu Akbar).

Sherron Ricks
DOC #1154852

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