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Introducing Sherron Ricks

Sherron M. Ricks (3/17/79) release date of 2035 I’m your average dude from the city of Norfolk,va. Well from where I’m from (PARK PLACE) we’re definitely different than most. I was 21 when this sentence begin and Park place definitely bred me for prison. My parents bred me […]

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It’s Time to Start Thinking Outside the Box When It Comes to Penal and Criminal Justice Reform Efforts by John Hamilton

A long time ago I once heard someone describe insanity as doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting different results. This undoubtedly describes the dilemma surrounding penal and criminal justice reform efforts in America. It’s time to rethink our reform strategies and embrace a more innovative […]

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“Judicial Reform” by Gerald Bates

I suffer from a legal conundrum which the courts have refused to address. In that situation, I’m not alone. I’ve discussed my situation in previous post, “Life over a Bounced Check” & ” Florida Life w/out Parole Capitol”. The average middle class citizen believes the courts are fair […]

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