Robert Cassidy

Timeless by Robert Cassidy

Time is priceless,Time stops for no one,
You Only Live Once so use your time wisely,
Time can be just or unjust to us depending on the situation we are in,
Time is truley precious nothing can replace it ,(It’s irreplaceable)
We should embrace it learn it’s value and cherish the time we have in life.
The is no sadder thing in life then to wast time. Once it’s gone it’s gone forever.

Doing time can be hard being deprived from life and your loved ones ,
All the while time is passing you by Minute after minute ,Hour after hour , Day after day ,Week after week and Year after year, The whole time you are just coinciding and dealing with it ,
Even though it seems like time might have stopped for you or you’re stuck in a time capsule It didn’t life goes on and time too.
They say do the time ,Don’t let the time do you, Easer said then done for some ppl ,At the end of the day only the strong survive,I have seen many men break while doing time ,Time is something we don’t really think about until we are faced with the obstacle of time or wishing we could get it back for whatever reason ,(Time flys by) it’s such a true statement,
Befor we know it we look up and wonder where so much of our time has went in life ,It seems like yesterday that we were kids wishing we were grown and could speed time up ,(lol) Little did we know that many years later we would wish we could go back in time and enjoy the time we had,
The sad truth is time waits for no man, It can’t be altered or tampered with

You can become consumed by time or overwhelmed and even wish time had a start and stop button We all know that truth ,There is no reset or start over with time so take the time to enjoy every moment of it ,
I know this might sound crazy but it’s very true, If you waste your time on earth by not taking time to cherish the small things and enjoy it with the ones you love, Then I must say time has cheated you out of your time and I am truly sorry that this message did not reach you sooner!.
What I have learned in life is don’t take time for granted, Use it wisely, Cherish it, Know it’s value ,Enjoy it but most of all share it with the ones you love
because we can never get time back ,Share with them the treasure we took for granted that time is worth more then gold .Time is Irreplaceable,
Priceless and very Precious so take time out to enjoy the moments that make great times . (Free Cass till Cass at home free )

Robert Cassidy
DOC #732-244

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