Clarence Vie

This is a blog, by clarence vie

A inmate at lancaster institution. 5900 b.i.s road.43130
Hey ! Whats up. How is the free world treating you people,good i take it.
Well around these walls we say good as can be.
I was thinking today that people who are free dont care about anything
But money,cause you have all these relationship dot.comm’s ,
But no one has real empathy or long time interest when it comes to
Conversation with us inmates .without it to support ,and stimulate the
Mind in prison via freeworldness,it becomes weak ,and the spirit gets
Once this happens inmates become institutionallized.And makeing up
Our own mind stops. So when this happens he or she waits to be given
Food,and to sleep becomes like clock more preperations or
Self thinking.also your insticts towords being human gets lost.
So without outside care the inmates attitude seeks attenton else ware
To take the place of men in prison does things they wouldnt
Usually do in the real free world like boy on boy,while just 5 years ago
He or she had a marrage with children.
Prison makes your new life reaity to the point ware when you are released from bondage all your hope and man hood to strive is dead.
Oh sure call me negative ,cause everyone dont come out the same way
But with the prisons filling up with so many foolish young people the
Reality to them as a inmate is functional.while its not.
Look at them .there pumped up with sike med..they get addicted to them just as well is any dope,but look?..the will to get a job,and speek
To the real worlds people is gone after made to eat and sleep and relationships are however the animalistic in them is feeling.So the fail-i
Ure becomes excuse and because i cant have thing my way “they think
They do something stupid and get put back in prison ware everything
Make sense and its all about them and a boy.not to menion there
All prison has is a tv and small computergames to control us with.
Young correction dope head officers revert to order like so.
One inmate can do a simple wrong,and instead of dealing with the one
Factor.they like to take it out on 60,or70 of us for the solveing to the one.sounds like dope fend moves .a im like doc.king jr. When he said
Any injustice anyware is injustice everyware. ,But to my point of all
This im not angry,nor am i a sufi muslim giveing the true facts
About a question and that is prisons doors,and how our spirits are to
Be made to be drones for those Who give in to the hype of loneliness.
No phone call from real jpay shout outs to the birthday girl
Or man,and now those inmates that have a relationship with yo old,old
Man,who use to have small hair now has big hair ,has found
Comfort and happiness.
Yeah im aware of how social essues from the free world that could have
Contributed ,like our shcool system.see how is prison not made to do
What im putting down.hey in prison you can be what you wont,
Like this ;any religion you can be performed,but on the streets not in the classroom can one menion god. Control is another essue for this
Great country,and how flaky ladies are respected.
Well this blog was presented by c.vie 392977 eds 7-17-2024
And im not trying to say there isnt any ged programs,oh no not by far.
If you wont higher education the drc policy is 5 years to the out date
And some is 2 hey just look it it up you will see. One thing is the system got nothing big to hide,cause lets face it out side hasnt any
Emathy until 911 stuff happen.until then .
Out of site out out mind.or just remember how its been for slaves.
Simply put. The 13th amendment abolished slavery in america, Just
Not in prison .like i said world ware is empathy.this has been a blog.

Clarence Vie
DOC #392977


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