Marcus McFarlane

Introduction by Marcus McFarlane

My name is Marcus I’m a 33 year old black male from Maryland I’ve been locked away in Ohio since July 2012 I am currently serving an 11 year sentence in Trumbull correctional facility. I expect to get out either next year by way of judicial release or sometime in 2023. I spend my days talking to my two beautiful daughters ages 11and 6,and taking advantage of every and any program the facility has to offer, as well as playing the bass guitar,community service activities, toastmasters, working on my recipes (I love to cook and will open a restaurant in the near future),and the usual exercising. I’ve always liked writing as a way of destressing whether its poems,short stories or just thoughts so I thank you for this opportunity and look forward to hearing feedback from my work/expressions !

Marcus McFarlane #A698-790
p.o. box 901
leavittsburg,Ohio 44430

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