John Mcconnell

Leb Life by John Mcconnell (aka: Mac)

John R. Mcconnell a731-514
Lebanon Correctional Institution
Lebanon, Oh 45036

Just to Introduce myself a lottle bit and get this started my name is Rob Mcconnell aka Mac. Im here in Leb serving 20 years for a home invasion/ kidnapping in which the victim was a known drug dealer, not an upstanding member of society. I have never claimed innocence just overpunished… I am currently 33 years old but will be 34 October 13th. My dude put me on with this blog and I enjoy writing and thought It would be something I can do 2 pass the time and or bitch and complain about the institution Im in among other things. I am currently in a disciplinary block ( k-king) for fighting. I wish those who have never had the pleasure to walk through this institution knew the conditions that we live in here and the bullshit we put up with. I hope this blog can help me to reaally get the word out about lebanon and the conditions. Im gonna end this post here for right now and see if I get any feedback. For now, Mac

John R. Mcconnell
DOC #a731-514

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