Max McBride

by MaxMCbride

Part 1
Life without a future

I’m in prison doing 23 yrs with 7 left
But its homies in here that’s never going home
Life without parole ?
What is that !
How you have the power to take a men’s
life without giving them a 2nd chance after they did sometime
This is not right and I’m grateful to have a outdate
But it hurts my soul to see homies in here never going home
These guys have learnt there lesson and
they need a chance
How can we change the world when the
powers to be wanna lock everybody up
Alot of people in prison is not the same
person they where years ago
In here you either build ya mind or kill it
We have nothing but time to figure out
whatever we need to heal are minds
A lot of us including me grew up without
a father and learnt from older people
that used us for there personal gain
in the end
We might have though it was love but it
never was because when you get lock
its slow you really have to create your own world to survive in here
I mean it don’t cost that much to live in
here but if you wanna stay intune with
reality you have to surround ya self with
the right people in here and outthere and
sometimes its hard to stay in tune with people outthere
Because they have there own problems
and ain’t looking for the rigth solution
must are taking the easy way out and
still having the same problems in the
So the moral of the story is we need y’all
outthere to understand ,we our human to
and deserve a 2nd chance
And y’all the people, have the power to make the laws more humane

Blessing to all yall outthere and I ask y’all
to read this and be open-minded
We really need y’all prison is not cool
at all
Max Da Great

Max MCbrideA
DOC #466513

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