David White

Searching For Her Intuition by: David White (aka I-KING DAVID)


Everyday I have this thought or desire of the kind of women,I would ask the universe to mold into my existence.An although I do accept a women for who she is; (flaws and all). This image of this goddess is embedded inside my heart. SO AS I ASK FOR THIS GREAT WOMEN.A women who has a profound understanding on what it would take for me to love her.an will not have a problem with asking me,Or showing me how to do so.I would like for us to have discussions about LOVE,LIFE and RELATIONSHIPS. With extended conversation about her passions and my passions. A women with great tenacity who refuse to let me be defeated by the system, because I know and she knows that the system isn’t designed for inmates to cultivate in healthy relationships.I’m searching for my significant other, in hopes that this women is searching for me.So that one day our minds and hearts will cross paths.Creating a bond that can never be broken down nor destroyed. Which is always a problem due to the obstacles of DISTANCE and TIME.so as I wait for my QUEEN to be molded completely. because I feel she is so close but mentally miles apart.I continue my patiences.As she count down the seconds,minutes,hours.Envisioned with the days,weeks and hours to complete our hearts.In search of her intuition I seek.inside of her heart that was molded for me.

David L. White #A639397
P.O BOX 56
Lebanon,OHIO 45036

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