Keith Bond Jr.

Lonieness is a lie by: Keith Bond, Jr. (aka: The Painter)

Lonieness is a lie to happines

Captivated by life misfits,
so much resentment from failed commitment..
Yu becoming content with feeling unfinished….
Only to be diminished by a vague smile
wanting to believe his lies.
Flattered by the way he expose his pride…
unknown to his own liven disguised.
Given him the benefit doubt
as your heart ask YU why…..

Lonieness is a lie

As tears wrinkle your soul.
Wondering why pain comes to those,
who heart is gold….
Trying to fulfilled for those instead for self.
knowing excuses is bad for your health…..
because pain is change for self….

Lonieness is a lie
– Fruit From The Root-

Keith Bond, Jr.
DOC #537-103

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