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Look!!! I don’t care what anyone say. WE ALL HAVE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES IN LIFE. Whether at home, school, work, vacation, or etc., we all will face situations that will us to have a mental health problem.
For instance, you may have an overwhelming schedule for the day that you can’t’ control. That leads to anxiety and impatience. These two things can lead to a mental breakdown or brain freeze. That is a mental issues that needs to be taken seriously before it’s too late. Another examples is when a traumatic event had happened in your life whether in your past or most recently like any abuses, losing a lost one, or witnessing a horrific event. You must never keep. situations such as these to yourself because they can lead to very violent results such as drug abuse, explosive episodes, or even suicide.
Then there are others like me who was violated as a child so much to the point that I was completely lost never trusting any woman in life. Then my mind was on making women pay. Just because I never asked for my mental illness, I committed crimes that I will never be proud of. You don’t try to ask for help with any type of issues that is constantly distracting or destroying your life, negative feelings and emotions will consume your mind. Then it will furthermore, effect your mind and well-being. This will lead to isolation, violent acts, being traumatized, or even suicide.
I am telling you, please get help with any problems whether they are big or small in life. Never leave things bottled up inside because these things will control your life and it will be too late to find your back to a better solution in life. The only way to find solutions to your problems is TOO ASK FOR HELP. Never feel alone in life and NEVER BOTTLE ANY PROBLEMS IN YOUR HEART & SOUL.
YOU ARE NEVER ALONE IN LIFE. Just please reach out and ask someone you feel comfortable with. It can be a confidant, co-worker, family, or even a religious person. SEEK HELP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.
If you just need someone to talk to whether just to express your feelings about something in life or just want someone to just listen to, you can go to to be added on my jpay email list or write to me at
Keith MUSTIN #505-112
P.O. Box 57
Marion, Ohio 43301.
Thank you for reading this and may God bless you in life always.

DOC #505-112

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