Fayvun Manning

“The Greatness In The World” by, Fayvun Manning-Bey aka ‘ffmb’

When you think of the greatness in the world what do you really see? Love for one another, peace and happiness in and around you, to see the next person do wonderous things?
I see all of thoes things and more in my fellow human, male and female. We are mixed with both the evil and good nature in our self, and with the ability to chooes which to manifest, we also attract thus.
Life is given to man and women to use it only for the good of the next person, just imagine, everyone doing great acts of kindness for the next person. Do you see that, can you feel that vibration.
Life is short so do what you can for the next person, try and make his next moment great because of you. Think great thoughts, because what you think you create, love it not but for the good of another. peace and good life.

Fayvun Manning-Bey #68174
E.D.C.F. P.O. Box 311
El Dorado, Kansas

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