John Lockhart Jr.

Introducing John Lockhart Jr.

My Name is John Lockhart Jr., I am 47 years old, my inmate number is 536014, i was convicted in 2006, my earliest parole hearing is in 2024.
My only contacts are through WWW.jpay. com and through snail mail via the U.S. Mail to the institution I currently reside in which is N.E.O.C.C.,2240 Hubbard Rd., Youngstown, Ohio 44505. my housing unit is C1-111.
I am a wrongly convicted inmate with D.N.A. evidence proving someone else should be sitting here, however I don’t have anyone outside to help me. I am new to the blogger world, so please excuse my errors. I am experienced with the snail mail system from filing motions in the courts and trying to get the state to accept responsibility for their actions.
if you’d like to contact me please feel free.

John Lockhart
DOC #536014

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