Da'Von Motley Sr.

#Racism, by Mr. Da’Von Motley Sr.

In this #Country its possible to be #SelfMade billionaires and #SelfMade anything you want. In many cases this isn’t true. We are suppose to be #Equal having #EqualRights but we all see this isn’t the #Truth. So yesterday on #TheView, #DLHughley was a guest. He has a new book out basically to shed light on #Racism. This book is about how NOT to be shot or killed all because your #Black or a #PersonOfColor. With all that’s been going on in the country over the past few weeks has made everyone’s anger boil. There was this video of a woman wearing a shirt that represented #PuertoRico. Obviously there’s some uneducated people because she was being harassed by this guy who said that #PuertoRicans aren’t #USCitizens!?! What??? Right!! To add fuel to the flame there was a police officer there who was ignoring the woman’s request for help. Imagine that!! My point is this country and SOME people in it are going backwards. For instance when a white person becomes #addicted to #opioids its a #crisis, but when a black person becomes addicted to #crack its a #crime!!! Does anyone else see the #RacialDivide??? Does anyone understand that in prison blacks are the majority but in our country we are the minority?? #Racism is in #America is starting to boil over and tensions are getting hot. I’m not a #Racist, I just hate #Racism. My family has many colors and shades in it from #African, #Indian, #Chinese to #Caucasian. What’s not understandae is the #Hate that people have towards other #HumanBeings. #Peace won’t happen anytime soon if we don’t address these issues #Daily!! Yes #Protest but do it #Peacefully. Voice your concerns and let #POTUS understand where you #Stand. Sometimes I feel as though there’s no chance for change in this #Country. I watch #CNN, FOXNEWS, MSNBC and I see the same issues come and go and #NoChange. We have to do better as a #People, and as a #Nation. Right now its nothing much I can do from #Prison, but #MyVoiceMatters!! #PrisonerLivesMatter despite our crimes and past. In here there’s #Racism everywhere you turn. Its due to ignorance and no one wanting to initiate change. Today we have a #President who is #Hellbent on #Dividing the #USA. Growing up #Racism wasn’t this blatant. Now you have #PaPaJohns owner referring to #PeopleOfColor as #Niggers. (Please excuse my use of words to convey my thoughts and feelings) Of course he is downplaying his comments and yes he has apologized but the damage is already done. #HateCrimes are on a rise and has been since #POTUS took office. Who can explain this #Fact??? Why must life be lived this way each and everyday??? #Pray for us all please!! If chickens aren’t allowed to be put in #Cages then why in the hell are kids being put in #Cages??? If we are #Innocent until proven #Guilty then why are people being judged or killed by law enforcement on a consistent basis. #WhatsNext???

Comments/Concerns/Reviews: JPAY or USPS

Mr. Da’Von Joshua Motley Sr. #707-119
Northeast Ohio Correctional Center
2240 Hubbard Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44505

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  1. Great post, very well written and sadly too true!
    Sadly your psychopath president may have been put in by both Russian and media intervention purely to divide the nation. Hatred and fear seem to be the stable daily diet … to overcome this we must teach on tolerance and embrace diversity.
    This is an interesting blog, only just found it when someone followed me …


  2. Mr. Motley – I 100% agree with you. I was raised in white suburbia but hate was not taught to me there. The love of my life was African American and my adopted son is Colombian. When did this hate start to rise again? It is out of control! Its no longer ignorance – it’s worse – it’s by choice 😦

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